"the reign of Childéric"

Childeric III, King of France
Public DomainChilderic III, King of France - Credit: Jean Dassier
Childéric was the name of three Frankish kings who ruled an area populated by the medieval Germanic tribes, covering much of modern-day France and the lower Rhineland in Germany. Childéric I (c.440-482) ruled from 457 or 458 until his death and was succeeded by his son Clovis. Childéric II (653 – 675) was king from 662 until he was assassinated along with his wife in 675. Childéric III (c.717 – 754) was the last King of the Franks. He succeeded the throne in 743 and was deposed in 752 by Pope Zachary to be replaced by Pepin the Short, father of the great emperor Charlemagne.