"houses in St James’s"

Clarence House, adjoining St James's Palace
GNU Free Documentation LicenseClarence House, adjoining St James's Palace - Credit: ChrisO
St James’s is an area of central London, within the City of Westminster. Originally part of a royal park (now divided into Green Park and St James’s Park), the area was developed in the 1660s beginning with St James’s Square and a network of streets around it. Until World War II it was one of London’s most exclusive residential areas, mainly populated by the aristocracy and English high society. As a result, it is famous for its gentlemen’s clubs, tailors, wine and cigar merchants and antique dealers. Some of London’s most famous private residences, including St James’s Palace, Clarence House and Spencer House are in the area, although it is now mostly commercial, featuring the head offices of multinational corporations such as BP. The auction house Christie’s is on King Street and there are many art galleries, including the White Cube.