"honed at Westminster and Magdalen"

Little Dean's Yard from Liddell's Arch, Westminster School
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLittle Dean's Yard from Liddell's Arch, Westminster School - Credit: Ed g2s
The Royal College of St Peter in Westminster (or Westminster School) is one of Britain’s nine original public schools, and one of the leading independent schools in the country. Established in 1179, the school stands in the grounds of Westminster Abbey and owns some buildings which are older than the Abbey itself. With around 750 pupils, a quarter of whom board, boys can be admitted from age seven and girls from age sixteen. The school has the highest Oxbridge acceptance rate of any in the country (around 50%) and some notable former pupils, including seven British Prime Ministers, Ben Jonson, Sir Christopher Wren, Jeremy Bentham and John Locke.

Magdalen is one of the colleges at Oxford University. Founded in 1458, its grounds contain a deer park and Addison’s Walk; the buildings themselves feature Magdalen Tower, on which the chapel choir traditionally sings every May Morning (1st May). Regarded as one of the most beautiful colleges, it is also currently the most successful, with over half of 2010’s finalists achieving first-class degrees. Notable former members include William Tyndale, Oscar Wilde, Erwin Schrödinger and Sir John Betjeman.

Magdalen College, Oxford on May Morning
Creative Commons AttributionMagdalen College, Oxford on May Morning - Credit: Romanempire