"a church near Hoxton Square. St Agatha’s."
The famous White Cube Gallery in Hoxton Square
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe famous White Cube Gallery in Hoxton Square - Credit: Fin Fahey

Hoxton Square is one of London’s oldest garden squares. It is in the East End London Borough of Hackney and most of its current buildings date from the Victorian era. Laid out in the late seventeenth century, it was a fashionable residential area notable for the Hoxton Square Academy, but by the nineteenth century was also home to industrial buildings and, being in the East End, no longer so fashionable. Since the 1990s, however, it has been home of the arts and media scene in Hoxton, and its restaurants, bars, galleries (notably the White Cube) and open lawns are especially popular in summer.

There used to be a parish of St Agatha’s in Shoreditch, near Hoxton, but the church no longer exists. The nearest church to Hoxton Square now is St Monica’s Roman Catholic Church.