"what a greater choice the Prince Consort was than the Prince of Orange or one of the Russians"

In 1836, plans were begun to get the Princess Victoria to marry Albert, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Albert was the son of King Leopold I of the Belgians, the brother of Victoria’s mother the Duchess of Kent. The Duchess arranged for Albert and his brother to visit Kensington, with the purpose of introducing Victoria and Albert. Whilst they liked each other immensely, Victoria was not interested in marriage and Albert returned home with no definite attachment. Matters were also complicated by the fact that King William IV opposed the match, favouring instead Prince Alexander of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau. Victoria, however, did not take to him or to any of her other princely suitors as much as to Albert, who was very intelligent and handsome. After Victoria had become Queen, he visited again in 1839 and she proposed (by social convention, the Queen herself had to make the proposal) after five days. He accepted and they were married on 10th February 1840, becoming one of the greatest love stories of the nineteenth century.