"the Gentleman’s, and twice I found the Englishwoman’s Domestic Companion"

The Gentleman’s Magazine was a British magazine published between 1731 and 1922. Founded by Edward Cave, it was the first publication to use the word ‘magazine’ as opposed to periodical. The content of the magazine was news, topical issues and focus on any subject which the public were interested in; there were original articles from regular contributors (one of whom was a young Samuel Johnson), extracts from other periodicals and books and letters to the editor. The magazine was published every month and each issue featured an image of St John’s Gate, Edward Cave’s home.

The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine was published between 1852 and 1879. Samuel Beeton published articles on domestic issues, fashion and fiction, with a correspondence section which, as of 1867, featured contribution from men. Aimed at middle-class women to ‘tend to the improvement of the intellect’, Beeton’s wife also wrote a supplement to the magazine between 1859 and 1861, which would later become Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management.

The front cover of The Gentleman's Magazine from May 1759
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeThe front cover of The Gentleman's Magazine from May 1759 - Credit: MichaelMaggs