"particularly fond of Mozart"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (27th January 1756 – 5th December 1791) was a Classical composer and one of the greatest musicians in history. Born in Salzburg, as a child Mozart learned to play violin and piano and from the age of five began composing and performing for European royalty. A court musician in Salzburg, he travelled widely and eventually settled in Vienna in 1781, where he lived out the rest of his life with his wife and two sons. Although well-regarded as a musician and composer, Mozart never achieved the level of fame he is seen with now, and he died in relative obscurity and extreme poverty. He left behind him over 600 works of operatic, choral, symphonic and chamber work, which are amongst the most popular and influential works of classical music. His style greatly developed the Classical era as a whole, recognisable in its clarity, balance and complex harmonies, and he was greatly influential on other composers which followed him, including Beethoven and Chopin.

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