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A print of the original Bishopsgate (17th century)
Public DomainA print of the original Bishopsgate (17th century) - Credit: Wenzel Hollar

 Bishopsgate is a ward and street in northeast London. It was named for one of the gates built in the London Wall by the Romans which led onto the Old North Road out of the city. The gate itself, demolished in 1760, often used to display the heads of executed criminals on pikes as a deterrent to further crime.

Today, Bishopsgate is a busy thoroughfare home to the London offices of several major world banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland. It also features a number of skyscrapers, such as Tower 42 and Heron Tower (the City’s tallest building). The ward of Bishopsgate has a working population of 46,000 but only 48 residents.