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Page 102. " accrued in Oxford Street "

Oxford Street is a major street in central London, running from Marble Arch to the intersection at Tottenham Court Road. It follows the route of the Roman road, the Via Trinobantina, which became a major route in and out of the city. Once known as Oxford Road, between the 12th and 18th centuries it linked London to Oxford, beginning at Newgate, one of the exits from the city. The street and those surrounding it were developed in the late eighteenth century and it became popular for street entertainers, theatres and concert halls. In the nineteenth century the shops moved in, and it is now Europe’s busiest shopping street. Although not the most expensive shopping street in London, it has several major department stores including Selfridges, the flagship stores for a large number of high street chains and hundreds of smaller shops and restaurants. Along with Regent Street and Bond Street, Oxford Street helps to form London’s primary shopping area. All three streets are coloured green on a standard London Monopoly board.