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Page 78. " up Old Street, then turned up Rufus Street into Hoxton Square "
Banksy Graffiti in Shoreditch
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBanksy Graffiti in Shoreditch - Credit: Justinc
Old Street is a road in east London, beginning at Goswell Road in Islington and ending at a junction with Shoreditch High Street, Kingsland Road and Hackney Road in the London Borough of Hackney. Formerly called ‘Eald Street’, it takes its name from the old Roman road which used to run from Colchester to Silchester, of which it formed part. In recent times Old Street has become known as a favourite haunt of graffiti artists such as Banksy.

Rufus Street links Old Street with Hoxton Square and is the location for the White Cube art gallery which stands on the corner of the square. See the bookmark on page 59 for more detail on Hoxton Square.