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Page 14. " paintings in Rome "
Raphael's 'Portrait of a Young Woman with Unicorn' (c.1505-6) is in the Villa Borghese in Rome
Public DomainRaphael's 'Portrait of a Young Woman with Unicorn' (c.1505-6) is in the Villa Borghese in Rome - Credit: The Yorck Project
Italy has always been a central player in the world of Western art, most crucially dominating the Renaissance and Baroque movements between the 14 th and 18 th centuries as well as influencing several other movements from the late-19 th century onwards, including Arte Povera and the Macchiaioli (Italian Impressionism). Many of the world’s most renowned painters and sculptors have come from Italy and some of the most famous art galleries in the world can be found in its cities.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is no exception to the rule. Major art galleries include the Galleria Borghese, the Galleria Colonna, Barberini Palace and National Museum of Antique Art, the Gallery of the National Academy of St Luca and the Musei Capitolini. Between them, the museums and galleries house works of art from the world’s most influential painters throughout the ages, ranging from Etruscan to Modernist art. A full list of Roman art galleries can be found here.