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Page 13. " finishing their education in Bath "
The city of Bath
Public DomainThe city of Bath - Credit: Wjh31


Bath is a small city in the south-west of England, in the county of Somerset, with a population of around 84,000. Home to naturally occurring hot springs it was founded as a spa by the Romans in 43AD and given the name Aquae Sulis (‘waters of Sulis’ – as early as the Iron Age the area had been dedicated to a goddess named Sulis). The Roman Baths (though much reconstructed) still exist today and have led to the city being granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Much of the town was built up in the Georgian period when it was an incredibly popular spa town and a key feature on the fashionable circuit. Royal Crescent, Landsdown Crescent and other iconic residential areas date from this time, as do many of Bath’s theatres and art galleries. Bath’s main industry today remains tourism, with around 3.8 million day visitors each year who come for the ancient baths, elegant architecture and beautiful countryside surrounding the city.