"The army recaptured Lumumba less than fifty miles from our village"

When Patrice Lumumba was captured (and, after escaping, recaptured), he was tortured and humiliated; for example, he was made to eat one of his own speeches. He was eventually executed by firing squad on January 17, 1961.  American and Belgian authorities conspired in his removal, and assisted Mobutu's men in arresting and assassinating him.

His death was at first kept secret; then it was claimed he had been the victim of enraged villagers while trying to escape.  Lumumba's body was eventually exhumed, cut in pieces and dissolved in sulphuric acid, in an attempt to cover up the crime.   

Note: some of the details given by Orleanna and Leah about Lumumba's murder are incorrect, possibly to reflect the common beliefs of the time.