"The Canongate, The Grassmarket, The Lawnmarket"
North side of the Lawnmarket (1850s)
Public DomainNorth side of the Lawnmarket (1850s) - Credit: Thomas Keith (1827-1895)

 The Canongate, situated at the lower end of the Royal Mile, is a small area of central Edinburgh whose main street is Canongate. Formerly  an over-crowded and poverty-stricken slum area, it has recently been rejuvenated and is now the site of the Scottish Parliament building. 

The Grasssmarket is the name of an old market square in central Edinburgh where horses and cattle were sold, and public executions took place. It is also the name of the surrounding area. Once an impoverished district, it is now increasingly popular, both as a residential area and for socialising.  

The Lawnmarket, formerly the site of stalls selling cloth, is the general name given to that part of Edinburgh which lies between the old West Bow and St. Giles' Church. Particularly rich in history, it was once the home of Deacon William Brodie who, as we will learn later, was a famous ancestor of Miss Jean Brodie.