"James Hogg's poem 'Bonnie Kilmeny'"
Memorial to James Hogg at St. Mary's Loch
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeMemorial to James Hogg at St. Mary's Loch - Credit: Colin Smith, Wikimedia Commons

 James Hogg (1770-1835) was a poor and uneducated Scottish shepherd who became a well known novelist, poet, short-story writer and journalist.

He wrote in both Scots and English, and became widely known as the Ettrick Shepherd.

James Hogg on Book Drum

Two of his best-known poems are 'The Witches of Fife', a comic narrative poem, and 'Kilmeny' which, like some of his other work, deals with the supernatural.

Extract from 'Kilmeny':

For Kilmeny had been, she knew not where,

And Kilmeny had seen what she could not declare;

Kilmeny had been where the cock never crew,

Where the rain never fell and the wind never blew.

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