"Here is a Cimabue"

 Cimabue (c.1240-1302) was a Florentine painter, known by a variety of names including Cenni di Pepo and Cenni di Petro.

Although he painted in the rather flat and stylized manner of the Byzantine tradition, his work also shows signs of the greater realism which would characterize Early Renaissance Italian Art.

He was the teacher of Giotto, who is viewed as the first great artist of the Italian Renaissance.

One of Cimabue's most famous works is the crucifix in the Basilica di Santa Croce in Florence. Unfortunately, the crucifix was damaged by flood water in 1966.


The Santa Croce crucifix (prior to damage)
Public DomainThe Santa Croce crucifix (prior to damage) - Credit: Cimabue