"These are bunsen burners, this is a test-tube, this is a pipette, that's a burette, that is a retort, a crucible"
Bunsen burner
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBunsen burner - Credit: Timothy Tsui, Flickr
Creative Commons Attributiontest-tubes - Credit: hobvias sudoneighm, Flickr
Pasteur pipettes
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePasteur pipettes - Credit: Beliason, Wikimedia Commons
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alikeburette - Credit: Vincent, Flickr









Public DomainCrucibles - Credit: PANAMATIK, Wikimedia Commons


'Hands on' in the Marcia Blaine 'science room'?
Public Domain'Hands on' in the Marcia Blaine 'science room'? - Credit: Abdulmirza, Wikimedia Commons