"Holyrood, Melrose, Argyll and Biggar"

Ruins of Melrose Abbey
Creative Commons AttributionRuins of Melrose Abbey - Credit: Ron Almog, Flickr
 Holyrood is an area of Edinburgh to the east of the city centre. It is the location of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the ruins of Holyrood Abbey and Holyrood Park.

It is also the name given to the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Parliament building which is situated within the Holyrood area of the city.

Melrose is a small town in Roxburghshire, one of the registration counties of Scotland. It shares borders with the English counties of Northumberland and Cumbria.

Historically, Argyll (Argyle) was the name given to the west coast area of Scotland between the Mull of Kintyre and Cape Wrath. Today it is the name of one of the country's registration counties.

Biggar is a small town in South Lanarkshire about 30 miles southeast of Edinburgh.