"I am a descendant, do not forget, of Willie Brodie, a man of substance, a cabinet maker and designer of gibbets"
Canongate Tolbooth
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCanongate Tolbooth - Credit: Colin Smith, Wikimedia Commons
 William Brodie (1741-1788), often known as Deacon Brodie, was a respectable Edinburgh cabinet-maker and city councillor who led a secret life as a burglar, gambler and womaniser.

Following his organisation of an armed raid on the Excise Office on Canongate, Brodie was tried, found guilty and hanged at the Tolbooth (a tollhouse, courtroom and jail on Canongate).

As noted by Miss Brodie later on, the hanging was carried out using a gibbet designed by William Brodie himself!


Berkshire gibbet
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBerkshire gibbet - Credit: Joolz, Wikimedia Commons
Halifax gibbet
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeHalifax gibbet - Credit: Paul Glazzard, Wikimedia Commons