"a religious parable such as the Pilgrim’s Progress"

The Pilgrim’s Progress (1678) is an allegorical work by John Bunyan. It tells of the travails of Christian, an everyman, during his pilgrimage from the City of Destruction (this world) to the Celestial City. Despite the obvious differences between this enduringly important religious work and Robert’s narrative, there are certain similarities in their ideologies. Robert would no doubt have identified with Christian in his encounter with Ignorance. This “brisk lad” hails from the country of Conceit and is likewise travelling to the Celestial City. His conviction that he will be accepted there on account of his faith and works, rather than divine grace, arouses Christian’s pitying contempt. Later, when Christian is admitted to dwell in the presence of God, Ignorance is bound hand and foot and cast down to hell.

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