Page 202. " to make what he called acte de présence "

"to put in an appearance"

Page 205. " one of his Crown Derby plates "

Crown Derby plate
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCrown Derby plate - Credit: Georges Le Gars
The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company, established about 1750 and based in Derby, England, is known for manufacturing high-quality bone china.

Page 206. " your nose is exactly like that of the Psyche in the museum of Naples "

Psyche of Capua
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePsyche of Capua - Credit: Shakko

Page 206. " They're like the hands in El Greco's portraits "

Page 209. " that Luther Burbank who was born on a farm in Massachusetts should have produced a seedless orange "
Page 209. " that Henry Ford who was born on a farm in MIchigan should have invented a Tin Lizzie "
Page 211. " a piece of showy artificial jewelry such as you buy in the Rue de Rivoli "
Page 213. " A tear of zubrowka could do Monsieur no harm. "
Page 215. " They were taking the Orient Express "

Orient Express, route map
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeOrient Express, route map - Credit: Witoki
The Orient Express was a passenger train service established in the 1880s running between London or Paris and Istanbul. The Orient Express is no longer in operation.

Page 217. " We spent a night in the harbor at Cannes, another at Sainte Maxime, and a third at Sanary. Then we got to Toulon. "
Page 222. " as jealous as our old friend Jehovah "
Page 222. " I wrote the first line of Ronsard's lovely little poem "

Pierre de Ronsard (1524–1585), French poet.

The poem that begins with the line quoted by the narrator ("Mignonne, allons voir si la rose") was dedicated to the 15-year-old Cassandre Salviati.

See, Mignonne, hath not the Rose,

That this morning did unclose

Her purple mantle to the light,

Lost, before the day be dead,The glory of her raiment red,

Her colour, bright as yours is bright?


Ah, Mignonne, in how few hours,

The petals of her purple flowers

All have faded, fallen, died;

Sad Nature, mother ruinous,

That seest thy fair child perish thus

'Twixt matin song and even tide.


Hear me, my darling, speaking sooth,

Gather the fleet flower of your youth,

Take ye your pleasure at the best;

Be merry ere your beauty flit,

For length of days will tarnish it

Like roses that were loveliest.

Page 224. " Frieda is expecting the Princess Mafalda. "

Princess Mafalda Maria Elisabetta Anna Romana of Savoy (1902–1944), daughter of King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and his wife, former Princess Elena Nikolaievna of Montenegro.