"taken a job at the Siemens factory"

Nazi public address van, German Presidential Elections 1932.
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeNazi public address van, German Presidential Elections 1932. - Credit: Deutsches Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive)

 Siemens is a major German conglomerate of fifteen engineering corporations, originally founded in 1847.  It is the largest engineering business in Europe and its three headquarter offices are all in Germany.  In the 1930s, Siemens helped fund the rising Nazi party, and later placed a number of factories in the vicinity of concentration camps, to utilise the forced labour of inmates.  From Auschwitz alone, they obtained 100,000 unpaid workers; their logo is still visible above the gas chambers at Buchenwald

Whilst this murky history need not implicate the current owners or employees of the organisation, it is an interesting fact to bear in mind.  Siemens have arranged to pay compensation to individuals forced to work under conditions of slave labour; they did, however, attract considerable scandal over this situation in 2002. 

The role of recognisable corporations in assisting the rise of Fascism is a somewhat neglected but wholly fascinating element of history...