"Tadeusz Borowski"

 Tadeusz Borowski was a Polish writer born in 1922.  He was arrested by the Gestapo during the Nazi occupation of Warsaw in 1943 and transported to Auschwitz.  From here he was sent to Natzweiler-Struthof (the camp Michael later visits), and finally to Dachau, until the American liberation in May 1945.  A year later, he returned to Poland and was miraculously reunited with his fiancée, Maria, who had also survived Auschwitz.  His most famous work is a collection of short stories linked by one narrator, ‘This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen’.  Like many of his contemporaries, he wrote with detachment, describing events rather than directly condemning the perpetrators.  In 1948 he joined the Communist Party, but soon became disillusioned when he saw that violence was being used in the name of the ideology.  He committed suicide in 1951, three days after becoming a father.  He was just 28.