"vines in the Palatinate, lavender in Provence"
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePalatinate - Credit: SimplifyMatters
 The Palatinate is a region of South-West Germany, densely forested and mountainous in the north and west but well known for its wine region in the lower, eastern area.  After Rheinhessen, it is the second largest cultivator of vineyards in the country.  Forty-five varieties of white grapes are grown, and twenty-two red, including the increasingly popular Spatburgunder, more commonly known as Pinot Noir.  Unsurprisingly, the region is very popular with thirsty tourists.  
Provence Lavender
Creative Commons AttributionProvence Lavender - Credit: roblisameehan
 Provence is a beautiful region of South-East France.  Famous for its landscapes, which include the Mediterranean coast, the mountains of the Maritime Alps and the Rhone river, it is also known for the abundance of lavender that grows easily in its limestone soil.  For many people the visual and aromatic appeal of the lavender is an incentive to visit the area, along with the lure of the beautiful wildlife to be seen in the Carmargue area, which includes flamingos and horses.


Carmarge Horse
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeCarmarge Horse - Credit: Laurent Nguyen