"I was in love with Rilke"
 Rainer Maria Rilke was a Bohemian-Austrian poet, born in Prague in 1875.  He primarily wrote in German, and is considered one of the most important literary figures to have worked in that language.  He also completed a significant portion of work in French.  He travelled well, spending time in Munich, Russia, Italy, Paris, Trieste, Vienna and Switzerland, where he eventually settled thanks to the patronage of Werner Reinhart.  Rilke’s literary style was very lyrical, and is rich with imagery and Classical allusions.  His famous works include the poetic ‘Duino Elegies’ and ‘The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge’, a novel. ‘Letters to a Young Poet’ consists of ten letters he wrote to Franz Kappus, a 19 year old student, who published them three years after Rilke’s death.  He was also a respected and prolific art critic; he married a sculptor, and wrote a monograph on Rodin.  Rilke’s health began to deteriorate from 1923, but it took three years for his doctors to diagnose leukaemia.  He died a few days after Christmas in 1926.   

Here are some quotes by Rilke.