"there was a book on Kant"

 Immanuel Kant was born in 1724 in Königsberg, at that time capital of Prussia.  He is one of the most important European philosophers to have emerged from the Enlightenment, and his perspective is still enormously influential today.  He was raised strictly, in a pious household, and began studying at his city’s University at the age of 16.  He remained there for the whole of his working life.  Kant’s most important works include the ‘Critique of Pure Reason’, the ‘Critique of Judgment’ and the ‘Critique of Practical Reason’.  His philosophy centred around the concept of the ‘categorical imperative’.  His ideas are both accessible and realistic, and well worth exploring further.  As well as his scholarly work, Kant also lectured on anthropology for over two decades.  He continued to write up until his death, although his blindness and failing memory caused him great frustration.  He died aged eighty, in 1804.