"He suggested that I visit the house of Pablo Neruda"
Pablo Neruda
Public DomainPablo Neruda - Credit: Revista Argentina

 Pablo Neruda was a Chilean poet and politician, famous across the world during his lifetime and even more so after his death. Born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto in Parral in 1904, he died of cancer in 1973.

Neruda’s first volume of verse was published when he was only 18. By the age of 20 he had developed an international reputation with the publication of one of his most famous volumes, Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair. He held a number of diplomatic posts around the world, and spent a considerable amount of time in exile in Argentina due to his high standing in the Communist Party of Chile. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

The house in Valparaiso which Neruda owned, La Sebastiana, is now a museum.

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