"No one with good judgement could persist in believing anything Herr Hitler says after the Rhineland"
Western Germany - the Rhineland
Public DomainWestern Germany - the Rhineland - Credit: Lothar Velling, Relief: maps-for-free.com

The Treaties of Versailles and Locarno, ratified in 1919 and 1925 respectively, placed heavy restrictions on Germany to minimize its capacity for future aggression, and imposed a permanent ban on military forces in the Rhineland. Despite these Treaties, Hitler re-militarised the area in 1936. Most historians view it as a provocative act to test the strength of the Treaties and to rebuild the German spirit and pride.

The Rhineland was seen as a buffer zone between France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands to the west and Germany to the east, along the line of the River Rhine.

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