Page 81. " holding open a book - this time it was Who's Who "

One of the seminal sources of biographical information about people of note in the United Kingdom and overseas, Who's Who first appeared in 1849.  To be listed in its pages is, for many people, to have "arrived".

The 1897 edition extended invitations for inclusion to people for whom "prominence is inherited, or depending on office, or the result of ability which singles them out from their fellows"; inclusion is still by invitation, and the selection principles remain much the same.

Page 98. " the two chandeliers that hang over the table still ran on gas "

 Electric lighting was introduced as carbon arc lighting for industrial use in 1801, and by the Victorian era had developed into electric filament lighting for industrial use.

By 1930 the newly formed Central Electricity Board had introduced an assisted wiring scheme to enable those in less wealthy homes to take advantage of the new power supply and to convert their gas lighting.

Gas Chandelier Converted to Electricity
Creative Commons AttributionGas Chandelier Converted to Electricity - Credit: Yearingermany