"Henning Hale-Orviston"

An author's choice of name for characters can often be suggestive of theme or the role the character plays in the story.  Let's see if this applies here:

The name Henning is a variant of Henry and means "home ruler".  


but...there is a species of fish called hen-fish

and...the female salmon is known as a hen

Somehow I doubt those are completely irrelevant coincidences.

Hale is of Old English origin and means "hero; from the hall"


But the word hale means fit, healthy


Ah, but this can't be an accident:

Orvis, founded  by Charles F Orvis in Manchester, Vermont in 1856 to sell fishing tackle is famed for its high-end gear and though it caters to hunters and other outdoor sportsmen as well is generally agreed to be synonymous with fly fishing.