"he drinks Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch"

This and the following several bookmarks relate to the paragraphs in which Gus describes his father.  Though brief it is densely packed with images that give flavor and depth to the character and the relationships within the family.  But many of the things comprising the description are culture and era specific thus leaving any reader too far removed from the English and American cultures of the mid 20th century with a less rich concept of who Henning Hale-Orviston is.

Glenfiddich single malt scotch whisky
Creative Commons AttributionGlenfiddich single malt scotch whisky - Credit: Ryan Bushby
 Glenfiddich Single Malt was at that time an exclusive whiskey distilled in a family run operation in Scotland since 1866 but not marketed outside Scotland until the 1960s out of concern that its palate was too intense for the English and Americans.

This picture was taken recently so may not represent accurately the look of a Glenfiddich bottle at that time.  But does impart its uniqueness and the classy ambiance it had and continues to have.