Page 127. " He walked up through the orchard "

Old apple orchard
Creative Commons AttributionOld apple orchard - Credit: scrumpyboy (Mark Shirley), Flickr

Page 128. " In the mudroom off the kitchen he'd seen an old wicker basket full of masonjars. "

Antique mason jars
Creative Commons AttributionAntique mason jars - Credit: Five Rings
A masonjar is a wide-mouthed glass jar with a screw top, used for canning and preserving food.


Page 133. " shivering in their rags like mendicant friars "
A Carmelite friar
Public DomainA Carmelite friar - Credit: Francis Aidan Gasquet

 Mendicant religious orders are those which rely on the charity of others, refraining from ownership of property or material goods. In this way, they attempt to mimic the life of Christ, allowing them time and energy to focus on purely religious and charitable work. In contrast to monks, who devote their lives to prayer and contemplation, friars live to serve their communities.

Monk In The Snow (1907-8), by Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840)
Public DomainMonk In The Snow (1907-8), by Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840)


Page 140. " Begonia. Morning glory. "


Begonia plants in bloom
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBegonia plants in bloom - Credit: Raffi Kojian
Morning glory in flower
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMorning glory in flower - Credit: PiccoloNamek