Page 185. " like some storybook peddler from an antique time "
A peddler of rat poison
Public DomainA peddler of rat poison - Credit: Paul Gavarni (1804–1866)

A classic figure of storybooks and fairytales, the peddler is always a lonesome figure, bearing the weight of his past as well as his wares. This one seems to suffer the unbearable knowledge of the future as well.

Page 189. " The road descended through a jungle of dead kudzu. "

Dead kudzu covered house
Creative Commons AttributionDead kudzu covered house - Credit: ala_rebel, Flickr
Kudzu is an eastern Asian vine that has compound leaves and clusters of reddish-purple flowers. It is a widespread weed in the southeast United States.

Page 189. " There's a train in the woods. "
Map of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, 1914
Public DomainMap of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, 1914

The Seaboard Coast Line Railroad covers the southeastern states, from Jacksonville, Florida up to Richmond, Virginia. Construction began on its constituent parts (including the Atlantic Coast Line) in 1898.


Creative Commons AttributionLocomotive - Credit: hunter1828 (Robert), Flickr