Page 78. " I'm, ah, calling you Goldie "

Goldie was an invisible/imaginary friend of Abel's in his early appearances in House of Secrets. The idea was eventually dropped, so the character disappeared.

Page 80. " Dream A Little Dream of Me "

The title of this chapter comes from a song called "Dream a Little Dream of Me," or occasionally just "Dream a Little Dream," originally recorded by Ozzie Nelson and his Orchestra in 1931 and by numerous other artists afterward, most notably the band The Mamas and the Papas.

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Page 83. " Mister Sandman I'm so alone, ain't got nobody "

These lyrics are from a song called "Mister Sandman," first recorded in 1954 by The Chordettes.

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Page 84. " I Heard It Through the Grapevine "

Constantine is attempting to play the song "I Heard it Through the Grapevine," originally recorded by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles in 1966. It became one of Marvin Gaye's signature songs when he recorded it in 1968, and another popular version was recorded by the rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1970. The version Constantine wants would have probably been recorded by Marvin Gaye, since it had been re-released (and made a second chart performance) in 1986.

Listen on Spotify:      Smokey Robinson & the Miracles   Marvin Gaye   Creedence Clearwater Revival


Page 84. " Used to sing it with Mucous Membrane ages ago. "

Constantine was a member of a fictional punk rock band called Mucous Membrane in the 70s.

Page 84. " Sweet dreams of you "

These lyrics are from a country ballad called Sweet Dreams, originally recorded in 1956 by Don Gibson, then later by Patsy Cline in 1963 shortly before her death, and again by Reba McEntire in 1979. Constantine is probably listening to McEntire's version, since it was the most recent.

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Page 84. " Jesus! Mad Hettie... "

Constantine met Mad Hettie, a London bag lady and prophet, during his early days in the Swamp Thing series.

Page 85. " You know... the Sandman. He's back. "
Public Domain"Mr. Sandman" illustration - Credit: Vilhelm Pedersen

This is the first time Dream is referred to as The Sandman, the role from which the series itself takes its name. The original Sandman is a character from Western folklore who made his first literary appearances in stories by Hans Christian Andersen and E.T.A. Hoffman in the early 1800s, but would have been commonly known before that. He was said to sprinkle dream-bringing sand in sleepers' eyes; when you rubbed your eyes in the morning, it was this sand that you were rubbing out. He is usually associated with good dreams, rather than bad.


Page 86. " He left the Porsche half a mile back down the road "
Porsche 959 (1988)
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikePorsche 959 (1988) - Credit: stephenhanafin
Porsche is a German company which manufactures luxury automobiles.
Page 87. " the Lamborghini of his dreams "

Lamborghini Countach
GNU Free Documentation LicenseLamborghini Countach - Credit: Stahlkocher
Lamborghini is an Italian luxury car company, symbolic of wealth and performance.

Page 87. " Last son of a dead planet. Strongest man in the world. "

Public DomainSuperman - Credit: Fleischer Studios
The thief is dreaming of being Superman. "Last son of Krypton" and "strongest man in the world" are both catchphrases associated with Superman.

Page 88. " Sweet dreams are made of this... "

These lyrics belong to "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", a 1983 hit by the Eurythmics, more recently covered by Marilyn Manson.

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Page 88. " I want a dream lover, so I don't have to dream alone "

The central lyrics to Bobby Darin's often-covered 1959 hit, "Dream Lover."

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Page 88. " Dreams are like angels... "

Lyrics from a vaguely Christmas-themed 1984 hit from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, "The Power of Love," which was used in British public service announcements about AIDS, as it is here.

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Page 88. " a mess of ley-lines, leptons, plasma fields "

Plasma lamp
GNU Free Documentation LicensePlasma lamp - Credit: Luc Viatour
"Ley-lines" refers to a New Age pseudoscientific belief in alignments between major monuments and geographical features. The lines could be used for dowsing, channeling of magical or psychic energy, or mapmaking. They featured in early issues of Hellblazer. Leptons are a family of elementary particles involved in physics. "Plasma field" is incorrect jargon, but plasma is ionized gas which responds strongly to electromagnetic fields, as in a plasma lamp.

See maps of theoretical ley line locations at Vortex Maps

Find more information about leptons at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory site

Find more information about plasma at

Page 89. " odds are it's down in Chas' lock-up "

Chas is a recurring character in Hellblazer, one of Constantine's longest surviving friends.

Page 89. " the big green bloke "

A reference to Swamp Thing and Constantine's earliest appearances.

Page 89. " Venus of the Hardsell "

The title of a song Constantine sang as a member of Mucous Membrane. (Lyrics.)

Page 89. " went to Alaska for six months, over the Lupus affair "

This probably refers to a chemically-created werewolf named Anthony Lupus who appeared in Batman #255 and proceeded to spend a substantial amount of time in  Alaska searching for a cure for himself.

Page 91. " me stereo, the telly, me Silver Surfers "

The Silver Surfer is a Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee in 1966. He featured in his own series in the late '60s and original issues of that series are worth quite a lot.

Page 91. " The candy-colored clown they call the Sandman "

The radio is playing the 1963 song "In Dreams" by Roy Orbison.

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Page 99. " Pear drops. Ketones. "

A pear drop is a British boiled candy made mostly from sugar and sold in distinctive pink and yellow colors.

A ketone is a kind of compound in chemistry, used widely in solvents, polymer precursors, and pharmaceuticals.

Page 100. " Dream dream dreeeeam... whenever I want to... "

Rachel is singing "All I Have to Do is Dream," made famous in 1958 by The Everly Brothers. Notable versions were also sung by Richard Chamberlain, Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell, and John Denver.

Listen on Spotify:   The Everly Brothers   Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell