"From father to son, for above a hundred years, they followed the sea"
All Hands to the Pumps (1888)
Public DomainAll Hands to the Pumps (1888) - Credit: Henry Scott Tuke
Naval Captain on the Poop deck taffrail.(a.1898)
Public DomainNaval Captain on the Poop deck taffrail.(a.1898) - Credit: William Heysman Overend

All four male representatives of the Hawthorne line between John and Nathaniel were ship captains of greater or lesser renown. Daniel (1731-96), Hawthorne’s grandfather, was something of a hero in the Revolutionary War, his legend being commemorated in song; the rest led honorable but unremarkable careers. Hawthorne's father, also called Nathaniel (1775/6-1808), was away at sea when his son was born and spent just four years with him before departing on a voyage to Suriname, during which he contracted the yellow fever that ended his life.

Short biographies are available at the invaluable Hawthorne in Salem website.

The Run Home (1902)
Public DomainThe Run Home (1902) - Credit: Henry Scott Tuke