"the wearers of petticoat and farthingale"
Susanna Temple sporting early 17th century fashion (1621)
Public DomainSusanna Temple sporting early 17th century fashion (1621) - Credit: Attributed to Marcus Gheeraerts
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFarthingale - Credit: Kate Newton

Petticoats are underskirts designed to give fullness and body to upper layers of clothing and to create the illusion of a slender waist. Now worn as underwear, in the seventeenth century they were designed to appear through open-fronted gowns and overskirts and were often elaborately decorated. Farthingales, meanwhile, are padded hoops that were used to give a bell-shaped appearance to skirts, helping to create the voluminous silhouette that was fashionable at the time.



Early 17th century fashion
Public DomainEarly 17th century fashion - Credit: Illustration from Meyers Konversations-Lexikon