"Here, to witness the scene which we are describing, sat Governor Bellingham himself"
Illustration of Governor Bellingham from the 1893 edition
Public DomainIllustration of Governor Bellingham from the 1893 edition - Credit: Frederick C. Gordon

Richard Bellingham (c.1592-1672) was a colonial magistrate who moved from Lincolnshire in England to Massachusetts in 1634. He was elected as the eighth Governor of the colony in 1641. Though he didn’t manage to retain this position for more than a year, he was re-elected in 1654, and then again in 1665. Between times, he held powerful posts in the colonial council of assistants. Though his main contribution to future generations was the Body of Liberties (1641), which enshrined freedoms later included in the Bill of Rights, he took a harsh attitude towards Quakers and Baptists and was among the magistrates who presided over Anne Hutchinson’s banishment.