"freaks of imitative witchcraft"
Witches' Flight (1797-8)
Public DomainWitches' Flight (1797-8) - Credit: Francisco Goya
A Salem witch with poppet
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeA Salem witch with poppet - Credit: Len Radin

Once a person had enlisted in the dark order of witches, diabolical powers, both fantastic and banal, became theirs. They were able to fly and transform themselves into birds and beasts; they used poppets to inflict torments on those they wished to harm; they sent out their specters — ghostly agents invisible to all but the victims — to take sexual advantage of sleeping men. Between times, they visited strange illnesses on cows and prevented bread from rising.

National Geographic have made a fun and extremely well-researched virtual recreation of the Salem witch trials in which you star as a suspected witch. Visit it here. You can also view some of the many rich resources providing detailed historical information, handily collated here.