"would he spread bat’s wings and flee away"

Once more Hawthorne is likening Chillingworth to Lucifer. In his first incarnation, Satan was the highest of the angels but was marred by a fatal arrogance that led him to try to vanquish God. For this sin, he and the army he had raised were expelled from heaven and cast down to hell. As Lucifer, he is portrayed as a beautiful young man, differing from the other angels only in the black bat-like wings that betoken his sinful nature. Once installed as the ruler of hell, however, he begins to take on different characteristics. Christian art typically ascribes to him a bestial appearance, replete with tail, horns and cloven feet; sometimes his black wings remain to signify the state from which he has fallen.

Satan before the Lord (c.1750)
Public DomainSatan before the Lord (c.1750) - Credit: Corrado Giaquinto