"the waywardness of an April breeze; which spends its time in airy sport"
GNU Free Documentation LicenseAurai - Credit: Periquitoloco

Once more, Pearl reveals her sprite-like nature, this time claiming kinship with the aurae, the Greek nymphs of the breezes. These wild, elusive creatures appear fleetingly in legend as swift-winged beings, as incapable of emotional hurt as the rest of nymph-kind and indeed as Pearl herself. Their parentage is rather ambiguous: some claim they are the offspring of the cardinal winds, Boreas (the wintery north wind), Zephyrus (the spring-bearing west wind), Eurus (the unlucky east wind) and Notus (the scorching south wind). Others say they were fathered by Oceanus, the divine embodiment of the world ocean which girdles the planet, and are sister to the Oceanides and Naiads.  

Wild and capricious nymphs desport themselves (c.1923)
Public DomainWild and capricious nymphs desport themselves (c.1923) - Credit: Ferdinand Leeke