"gathering violets and wood-anemones, and some scarlet columbines"
Woodland violets
Creative Commons AttributionWoodland violets - Credit: light2shine

Violets are delicate, shade-loving plants with bluish-purple flowers and heart-shaped leaves. For the ancient Greeks, they were a symbol of love and fertility and were often incorporated into love potions. Folklore associates them with shyness and modesty, giving rise to the expression “shrinking violet.”


Creative Commons AttributionAnemone - Credit: LimeGreen

Putting forth their star-shaped flowers in March and April, wood-anemones are a herald of spring, forming carpets of nodding white heads in ancient woodland glades. Their name comes from the Greek word for wind (ánemos), owing to an old superstition that they wouldn’t open until the wind blew.


Scarlet columbine
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeScarlet columbine - Credit: Monteregina

Columbines come in a vast number of colors so it is significant that those which Pearl picks match the letter her mother wears, especially in light of the fact that they serve both as symbols of cuckoldry and of fidelity.

A hummingbird feeds from these columbine flowers
Creative Commons AttributionA hummingbird feeds from these columbine flowers - Credit: Eyesplash