"an exhibition with the buckler and the broadsword"
A schiavona, a type of broadsword
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeA schiavona, a type of broadsword - Credit: Rama
Fighting with bucklers and swords
Public DomainFighting with bucklers and swords - Credit: Pearson Scott Foresman

A buckler is a small, round shield which, in the Medieval and Renaissance periods, was used in hand-to-hand combat together with a sword. Measuring between six and eighteen inches in diameter, the buckler did not so much to protect the body as actively fend off the thrusts of an adversary’s blade and could sometimes be put to use as a weapon.


The broadsword is also known as a basket-hinted sword on account of the latticed guard that protects the fighter’s hand. With its hefty weight, it was popular as a military weapon throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.