"Pearl kissed his lips. A spell was broken."
Illustration for Hans Christian Andersen's
Public DomainIllustration for Hans Christian Andersen's "The Princess and the Swineherd" (1897) - Credit: Heinrich Lefler

The power of a kiss to undo a curse is evidenced by countless fairytales. Sleeping Beauty is awakened from her death-like slumber by the kiss of a rescuing prince, as is Snow White; and the princess of the Frog Prince restores her amphibian suitor to his original manly form by the same technique. Pearl, however, diverges from her forebears by being both the author of the kiss and the beneficiary of its disenchanting force. At this instant, with the blood-bond she shares with Dimmesdale ritually affirmed, the wild, fairy-witch nature that has kept her apart from her fellows dissolves. She enters at last into the fold of civilization and undergoes the princess-like transformation of which every fairytale heroine dreams. 


Sleeping Beauty (1899)
Public DomainSleeping Beauty (1899) - Credit: Henry Meynell Rheam

Watch the famous scene in which Snow White is restored to life by a kiss from the 1937 Disney film.