"little Pearl, at a marriageable period of her life, might have mingled her wild blood with the lineage of the devoutest Puritan among them all"
Allegory of Avarice (1587)
Public DomainAllegory of Avarice (1587) - Credit: Jacopo Ligozzi
The Miser (1901)
Public DomainThe Miser (1901) - Credit: Raja Ravi Varma

This is a rather cynical sally at the integrity of the Puritans, implying as it does that there are none among them who would not toss their concerns about witchcraft and illegitimacy aside for a firm grasp on a well-stuffed purse. It is not without its historical justifications: Ann Hibbins, who has been alluded to so many times, was only condemned as a witch after she lost her wealth, while her presumed sisters in sorcery rarely had any to begin with.

Filthy lucre
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeFilthy lucre - Credit: Lars Hammar