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Page 39. " they marked out the first burial ground, on Isaac Johnson’s lot "

Isaac Johnson (1601-30) was an early addition to Massachusetts Bay Colony, arriving along with John Winthrop on 12th June 1630. He was among the founders of the first church at Charlestown and oversaw the move to settle what would become Boston (then Shawmut). He also has the unfortunate legacy of being the colony’s earliest casualty: on 30th September, just three and a half months after planting feet on American soil, he died. He was buried in his vegetable garden, marking the beginning of what is now King’s Chapel Burying Ground, a site which for two centuries existed cheek-by-jowl with the gaol at the juncture of Tremont and School Streets.

King's Chapel Burying Ground (c.1898)
Creative Commons AttributionKing's Chapel Burying Ground (c.1898) - Credit: BPL Department