Page 201. " she is as unmissable as the late Queen of Tonga "

Salote Tupou III was Queen of Tonga from 1918 until her death in 1965.  She was very tall, at 6ft 3 (1.91m), and became famous in Britain for riding through the streets of London in an open carriage in the rain, smiling and waving all the time, for Queen Elizabeth's coronation.


Page 205. " to mark the Glorious Twelfth "

The Grouse Shoot
Public DomainThe Grouse Shoot - Credit: Heywood Hardy
The Glorious Twelfth is 12 August, the start of the grouse shooting season in Britain.

A different 12th is celebrated in Northern Ireland by the Protestant Orange Order.  On 12 July 1690 William of Orange, a Dutch Protestant King, defeated the Catholic King James II at the Battle of the Boyne. The Orange Order march through the streets of Northern Ireland every 12 July, to the chagrin of their Catholic neighbours.


Page 211. " Angina pectoris, no one had known. "

Angina pectoris, according to the British Heart Foundation, 'is pain or discomfort in the chest, usually caused by coronary heart disease'.

Page 214. " Bell on Bonnard, dull as ditch-water "

Julian Bell is an artist, scholar, writer and art critic.  He is the son of Quentin Bell and grandson of Vanessa Bell, Virginia Woolf's older sister.  He published a monograph on Bonnard in 1994, and has also written many essays on the nature of art.  He addressed The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) on the occasion of the solo exhibition held in 2009.