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County Wexford, Ireland
Ballinesker Beach, Co Wexford
Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeBallinesker Beach, Co Wexford - Credit: Michal Osmenda


Map pinpointing Co Wexford in Ireland
GNU Free Documentation LicenseMap pinpointing Co Wexford in Ireland - Credit: Bastique, Wikimedia

County Wexford lies in the south-east corner of the Republic of Ireland, known as the "Sunny South-east".  John Banville was born in this part of Ireland.


Rosslare Harbour is a little more than 10 miles from Wexford Town, and from here there are connections to Fishguard, Pembroke, Cherbourg and Le Harve.  The town of Rosslare sits beside a long sandy beach.  The Irish Ros Lair means "the middle peninsula". For over a hundred years, it has been a favourite holiday destination for Irish holiday-makers because it is considered to be the sunniest place in Ireland.