"But I wouldn't advise you to go out and buy a copy of Goodbye, Columbus"

 Goodbye, Columbus was the first book published by the American author Philip Roth, published in 1959. The book contained the novella Goodbye, Columbus as well as five short stories. Although the book was a critical and commercial success, winning the 1960 National Book Award, it also attracted criticism for the negative portrayal of some of its Jewish characters, particularly the Jewish sergeant in the story Defender of the Faith. Goodbye, Columbus was adapted into a film in 1969.

The inclusion of contemporary fiction on university reading lists is often considered controversial by those who feel that curricula should be restricted to established literary masterpieces, members of the canon. On one hand, updating these lists can refresh courses that have become stale and irrelevant to students. On the other, reading lists can become subject to passing literary fads, overlooking more worthwhile books in favour of modern works that do not stand the test of time.