Page 465. " Saint Paul's sermon on Love from First Corinthians "

In this sermon, the main thrust of St Paul's argument is that love never fails. The passage is a strange choice for a funeral as it doesn't discuss death, yet comes shortly before a famous passage on the subject: "oh Death, where is thy sting?"

Page 466. " He'd been very fond of the corny old poems he'd learned in grade school. "
 A.E. (Alfred Edward) Housman (1859-1936) was an English poet who wrote predominantly about the themes of unrequited love (Housman was a homosexual when homosexuality was illegal), suicide and the English county of Shropshire. Much of his poetry was short, like this particular poem.
Page 473. " Being and nothingness "
Jean-Paul Sartre
Public DomainJean-Paul Sartre

 Being and Nothingness is the name of a classic Existentialist book by Jean-Paul Sartre. In his work, Sartre sought to explore the idea that an individual's existence is both prior to and separate from their existence. Sartre wrote Being and Nothingness in 1940-41, when he was a prisoner of war in France; he was very much influenced by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger's Being and Time.