Page 51. " I was drinking Kamikazes that night "

A Kamikaze is a type of cocktail named after the Japanese form of suicide attack made by air force pilots during the second world war.

A Kamikaze consists of:

3 parts vodka

3 parts triple sec

2 parts lemon juice

2 parts lime juice

5 ice cubes

1 lime wedge.

It is commonly served in a highball or cocktail glass.

Page 51. " with his little round glasses and his books in Pali "

Creative Commons AttributionBuddha - Credit: Dan Morelle
 Pali is an extinct language that was once found in the Indian subcontinent. It was the original language of the earliest Buddhist scriptures such as the Tipitaka, and is the language of Theravada Buddhism.

Page 53. " Not exactly the Polo Lounge "

The Polo Lounge
Creative Commons AttributionThe Polo Lounge - Credit: ZagatBuzz
 The Polo Lounge is an exclusive restaurant in the Beverly Hills Hotel in L.A.. Opened on May 12, 1912, the Polo Lounge was a place for celebrities to meet after polo matches. Several films have scenes set in the Polo Lounge, including The Bad and the Beautiful and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Now it is a popular tourist destination, although celebrities can still sometimes be spotted there.

Page 56. " studying Sanskrit and Coptic and those other nutty languages "

 Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language, the primary language of Hinduism and Buddhism. Many of the religious writings of Hinduism and Buddhism were written in Sanskrit, such as the Hindu Upanishads. It is still one of the 22 official languages of India, and the state language of Uttarakhand, with about 14,000 native speakers.

Coptic is an Egyptian language, closely related to Late Egyptian, which was written in hieroglyphics. The main difference between Late Egyptian and Coptic is the script. It was the language of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria.

Page 62. " from Hampden College to Benjamin Jowett to Periclean Athens "
 Benjamin Jowett was an English classicist, known for his translations of Plato. He was Master of Balliol College, Oxford.

Periclean Athens refers to the period of Ancient Greek history during which the city of Athens fell under the influence of the charismatic orator and statesman Pericles (c. 495–429 B.C.), bringing about the city's Golden Age. Pericles encouraged the art and literature in the city, and brought about a stable period of democracy, improving the economy as well as the quality of life of those living in Athens.

Page 62. " He looked like a very young Teddy Roosevelt, sans moustache, about to lead the Rough Riders up San Juan Hill "


 Theodore ('Teddy') Roosevelt (1858-1919) was the 26th President of the United States, and the first Roosevelt to hold that office (the second being Franklin Delano). Before his presidency, which lasted from 1901–1909, Roosevelt took part in the 1898 Spanish-American War, where he drew together a voluntary cavalry regiment of Western territories cowboys, known as the Rough Riders. One of their most famous moments was a charge up San Juan Hill, where, despite their name, the only one of the Rough Riders who actually had a horse was Roosevelt himself (the rest were delayed by transport problems.)

Page 67. " I'd been at my desk nearly all day reading the Parmenides "
 The Parmenides is a dialogue written by Plato, in which a young Socrates meets with two of the most famous and influential pre-Socratic Greek philosophers, Zeno and Parmenides, to test Parmenides' theory that reality is singular (one), that change is impossible and existence is a unity. Socrates, challenging the older, respected thinkers, argues in favour of plurality. This dialogue is considered one of the hardest and most obscure of Plato's works.



Page 70. " an old stereopticon (the palmy avenues of a ghostly Nice, receding into the sepia distance) "


1903 Stereopticon, with cards
Permission Granted by Copyright Owner for Use on Book Drum1903 Stereopticon, with cards - Credit: Sharfire

 A stereopticon is a mid-nineteenth century projector used for viewing photographs. Two photos are lined up side by side, so that when viewed through the two lenses on the device it creates a 3D effect.

Page 71. " Have you ever been to the La Brea tar pits? "

The La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, California, are naturally occuring pools of crude oil or tar. Over a period of hundreds of years, animals visiting the area to drink from the pools of water that would form over the tar would become trapped, sucked into the oil, which then preserved their bones; species found there include sabre-toothed cats, mammoths, the American camel, llamas, horse, bears and wolves, some dating from the time of the last Ice Age.

Page 73. " we can make black and tans "

Black Velvet
Creative Commons AttributionBlack Velvet - Credit: Ethan Hurd
 A Black and Tan drink is usually a half-and-half mixture of a stout, often Guinness, and a lighter ale such as a Pale Ale or lager. The lager is poured into the bottom half of a pint glass, and then the stout is added by pouring it slowly over the back of a tablespoon to achieve a layered effect. The drink Francis is intending to make, with champagne and stout, is more often called a Black Velvet.

Page 75. " Hesiod's primordial Chaos "

 Hesiod was an Ancient Greek poet who was alive sometime between 650 and 750 B.C., although scholars argue over whether he predates Homer, who is thought to have been active around 850 B.C. One of the works attributed to Hesiod is the Theogony, which puts forward an idea of the beginning of the world (and of the gods), starting with the three forces of Chaos, Gaia and Eros. In the poem, the primal state of the universe is Chaos, a divine void, a primordial state from which everything came into existence.



Page 75. " Camilla put on a Josephine Baker record "
 Josephine Baker (1906-1975) a singer, actor and dancer, was the first African-American performer to achieve international prominence. She moved to France in the 1920s, becoming the star of the famous cabaret club the Folies Bergère. During the Second World War she worked with the French Underground, smuggling intelligence in coded sheet music. In the 1950s, despite remaining in France, she was an important supporter of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Listen to Josephine Baker singing 'Bye Bye Blackbird' on Spotify.